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  • Treatment of prostatitis at home - features of the organization of a healthy diet, the composition of the diet, the benefits of physical activity, the rules for the use of drugs.
    19 August 2022
  • Consider a list of cheap and effective drugs for prostatitis and find out what is included in their composition and whether they can be purchased without a doctor's recommendation.
    19 July 2022
  • Find out what the diet for prostatitis and prostate adenoma is based on, what foods it includes and what it prohibits. Its observance will help to alleviate the symptoms of the course of the disease, to alleviate the condition.
    19 July 2022
  • Difference between prostatitis and prostate adenoma. Types of prostatitis. Diagnosis and treatment of prostatitis. Diagnosis and treatment of prostate adenoma.
    21 June 2021