Which drugs for prostatitis are the cheapest and most effective

Prostatitis is a common disease of the genitourinary system in men. It often becomes the cause of serious diseases, such as adenoma, prostate cancer, impotence, kidney disease. In modern medicine, drugs for prostatitis have appeared cheap, but effective.

Cheap but effective drugs for prostatitis

Does effectiveness depend on price?

When creating the latest tools, scientists conduct a series of expensive studies, searching for a unique formula. This process can happen very quickly or, conversely, take years. Then the drug companies get a patent.

Then comes the period of preclinical tests on laboratory animals. If this period is successful, the company receives a license and then conducts clinical trials.

The following is the stage of testing this case in a group of volunteer patients. Only after all the research has been carried out is a license to sell obtained. An advertising campaign begins, active sales begin. All these costs, long-term research, explain the high prices of new products on the pharmaceutical market.

Great!If the drug was invented, synthesized for the first time, then for 20 years it is protected by a patent, the circulation of generics is prohibited.

At the pharmacy you can get generic drugs for prostatitis, which are distinguished by a low price

After the expiration date, pharmaceutical companies produce analogues with the same active substance, but always with a different name.

The price of such drugs is much lower, as the formula is already ready, there is a minimal number of clinical studies. Their level of influence, effectiveness, quality is in no way inferior to a unique tool, but the price is more acceptable.

An important factor that affects the price is which country the manufacturer is from, what taxes, excises, licenses he has to pay before starting sales. In this case, some manufacturers have a big advantage over others in terms of the price of the goods.

The recommendations of andrologists when choosing drugs are not always based on expensive drugs. They will help you reduce the cost of your treatment by suggesting to use similar but cheap prostatitis pills.

Medicines for prostatitis

Most patients do not go to the doctor in time, but only when the disease brings pain, discomfort, dysfunction. There are several reasons for such a careless attitude towards health: they do not consider prostatitis a dangerous disease, due to false modesty.

Prostatitis, which causes pain and discomfort, requires treatment with drugs

For men, the cost of treatment is significant. Many people think that it will be too expensive, they resort to various folk methods or independently search for the cheapest pills for prostatitis, wasting precious time.

Of course, it is impossible to cure this disease with a pill, but there are cheap and effective drugs for prostate inflammation.

To make a diagnosis, the doctor prescribes a series of tests, based on which the cause, pathogens and stage of the disease are determined.

The complex of therapeutic measures usually consists of several measures: elimination of the pathogen, removal of swelling, inflammation, pain, prevention of complications. When choosing drugs, the age of the patient, the stage of the disease, individual intolerance and allergic reactions are taken into account.

List of drugs recommended for the course of treatment of acute, chronic type:

  • antibiotics;
  • painkillers;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • organotropic;
  • inhibitors.


Antibiotics prescribed by the doctor act on different pathogens and consist of groups:

  • penicillin;
  • tetracycline?
  • fluoroquinolone.

Penicillin series

One of the most popular antibiotics for simple prostatitis. Analogues of this group are the cheapest pills for prostatitis, they are much lower in price.


This group is prescribed by specialists much less often, as it has many side effects that affect the gastrointestinal tract. Their main advantage is that they act successfully against mycoplasmas, chlamydia.

Fluoroquinolone group

This group of antibiotics is considered universal in the treatment of prostatitis, both acute and chronic.

They affect a wide range of bacteria, microorganisms that lead to the appearance of the disease. At the same time, they do not accumulate in the liver, they are quickly eliminated from the body. They have a high level of penetration. The volume, the frequency of side effects is much lower than that of the previous groups.

The speed of exposure is already observed in the first 8-10 hours after taking the tablets. There is another advantage of these drugs over cephalosporins, you can prescribe both tablets and intravenous solution. And this is a significant advantage for external treatment or prevention.

Anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic

Pain, spasms appear in acute form, problems related to urination. To relieve painful, unpleasant sensations, drugs are prescribed that relieve these symptoms.

No one forbids the use of an inexpensive treatment for prostatitis. You can buy analogues of popular anticonvulsants, the price of which will be even lower. They are much cheaper, but with exactly the same effect on smooth muscles.

Alpha blockers

Medicines for prostatitis of this group contribute to the outflow of urine, relax the muscles of the bladder, ureters. Today, cheap drugs of foreign production are already on the market.

Pills for prostatitis are cheap, but effective, you can choose with the advice of your doctor.

Organotropic preparations

The main part of pathologies in diseases of the prostate gland is stagnation, which does not allow the body to recover, to deal with the problem itself, and also to reduce the level of exposure to antibiotics.

Therefore, treatment is impossible only with antibiotics, without drugs that improve blood circulation. They are both semi-synthetic and based on natural extracts.

Preparations with dry extract of bovine prostate are very effective, less toxic, have a small number of side effects and contraindications.One of the most sought after or advertised drugs is available in suppositories, tablets and solutions for intravenous administration.

Homeopathic medicines, herbs

There is another type of treatment for inflammation of the prostate that is used successfully, these are homeopathic prostatitis medicines and herbal medicines.

In the event that there is an allergy to antibiotics or the persistent reluctance of the patient to take drugs, these drugs are effective and safe. The modern homeopathic market is very different.

Great!In the complex treatment of prostate diseases, plant-based herbal preparations are often used.

Their mild medicinal effect is combined with a persistent, long-lasting effect. Now a wide range of dietary supplements are presented by Indian pharmacists who successfully apply the secrets of Ayurvedic medicine in the creation of medicines. They have proven themselves well among experts, the composition contains a long list of herbal extracts.


The list of drugs, nutritional supplements cheap, but effective is huge. Therefore, do not self-medicate. Without a doctor, it is difficult to choose drugs for the treatment of prostatitis on your own, even dangerous for health. Since each patient has his own individual characteristics, sensitivity, course of the disease, it is not worth buying drugs on the recommendation of friends. The best result of the treatment will be when you carry it out on time, under the supervision of a doctor and following all the instructions.