How often can you have sex with prostatitis?

intimacy with prostatitis

How often can you have sex with prostatitis? To answer it, you need to imagine the causes underlying the pathological changes in prostatitis, how it manifests itself and how it is treated.

Inflammatory phenomena in the prostate gland can be caused by:

  1. Infection that has penetrated the organ from another focus of chronic inflammation or received from outside. Most often, such an infection occurs during unprotected sexual intercourse.
  2. Congestion in the pelvic area. They can be caused by a static lifestyle, when a man does not move enough and does not have full physical activity, if there is a tendency to constipation and there is no sex life or it is very rare and irregular.
  3. Endocrine disorders, overweight.
  4. Characteristics of work activity associated with frequent hypothermia and stress.
  5. Dietary habits, when a sufficient amount of essential trace elements and vitamins does not enter the body. Addiction to tobacco. Nicotine causes vasoconstriction, which reduces the amount of blood sent to the organs.

How does the prostate gland work?

The interior of the prostate is seventy percent glandular tissue. It is represented by prostate glands that produce the secret of the same name. 30-50 similar glandular structures form prostatic lobes, which have their own duct and are surrounded by smooth muscle fibers. The ducts of all lobes connect to the lumen of the urethra, in its prostatic part, and here they open, on the sides of the spermatic tubercle.

It is impossible to control the work of the glands, they constantly produce prostatic juice. It accumulates in the ducts. During sexual intercourse, more precisely at the moment of its climax, in men there is a strong contraction of the muscles of the pelvic floor and interlobular fibers of the prostate, which pushes the prostatic secret from the gland into the urethra. The free ducts allow the glands to function fully again.

Prostatitis occurs when the trophism of the glands is disturbed, they suffer from a lack of nutrients or are compressed from the inside by the accumulated secret.

Fully functional prostate glands produce a special protective factor, which, together with the secret in the urethral mucosa, activates local immunity, making it possible to resist infection penetrating from the outside. From this it follows that

Stagnation is not only the cause of the development of non-bacterial prostatitis, but also contributes to the further attachment of the infectious component.

How sex affects the functioning of the male reproductive organs

To understand whether sexual activity is allowed with prostatitis, you need to imagine how intimacy affects the state of the prostate and the entire genital area.

  • The blood circulation of the pelvic organs increases, they receive more nutrients and oxygen.
  • The outflow of lymphatic fluid improves, which helps to get rid of swelling.
  • Increased breathing increases the amount of oxygen in the blood.
  • Testosterone production is activated and the sensitivity of receptors to it is improved.
  • The level of prolactin in men is normalized, which affects the quality of semen, the brightness of the orgasm and the protective properties of the body.
oxygen in the blood during sex with prostatitis

It turns out that intimate relationships have a beneficial effect on the whole body as a whole and specifically on the male reproductive system. It is clear that sex is the main method of preventing stagnant inflammation. But is it possible to do it when the disease has already developed, are sex and prostatitis compatible?

Sex is contraindicated for prostate inflammation

The main therapeutic task in the treatment of prostatitis is to get rid of the causative factors: the congestion and the infectious component. Therefore, in the case of the chronic form of the disease, safe regular intimate relationships are only welcome, because they allow you to solve the main problem of the healing process.

lack of sex with prostatitis in a man

Another thing is that the disease affects the sexual function of men, they lose interest in the opposite sex or cannot have sexual intercourse due to an inferior erection. In this case, the role of the woman is extremely important, she should face such difficulties with understanding and tact, showing her readiness to help in every possible way. It is important to understand that the rejection of sexual relations, caused by temporary difficulties, can lead to a worsening of the situation, when it will be much more difficult to cope with them.

Therefore, to ensure complete nutrition and nutrition of the prostate, it is extremely important to maintain sexual activity at an optimal level by any safe methods. If a man is single, then you can resort to masturbation. If there are problems with potency, then it is necessary to use stimulants.

Tip: There are many ways to improve circulation in the pelvis and strengthen its muscles. These are special exercises, prostate massage, physiotherapy, but these methods only solve a specific problem. Regular sex life has a beneficial effect on a man's body in several directions, providing not only a local effect, but a general physical and psycho-emotional effect.

But when it comes to the acute phase of the disease, the situation is not so simple. In this case, sex with prostatitis can be performed when the inflammatory disease is not of an infectious nature or when the stage of antibiotic treatment has been completed. Otherwise, the infectious process can spread to other organs of the male genitourinary system.

Often the acute course of the disease is accompanied by significant pain, which does not contribute to intimate relationships. Of course, you don't need to push your body. But if adequate treatment is started, then the unpleasant symptoms disappear already on the second or third day. This does not mean that the disease has been defeated, but it allows you to focus on more pleasant moments while continuing to take medication.

What should be sex with prostatitis

condom for sex with prostatitis
  1. Regular. Normal conditions for the functioning of the prostate gland will be achieved when ejaculation occurs every two to three days. You should not take on "increased obligations", this will only exhaust the gland, but casual sex once or twice a month will not save the situation.
  2. Safe. This applies to new partners and non-traditional types of sex. Frequent change of partner, as well as the practice of oral and anal intercourse, threaten the addition of infection, which is unacceptable in the case of prostatitis. If there is no permanent woman, then it is safer to resort to masturbation, or use barrier contraceptives.
  3. Completed. Any intercourse must end with complete ejaculation. Only under this condition is the output of the prostatic secret. Interruption of intercourse should be excluded from the life of every man.

In what cases should we give up intimacy?

  • For the most part, the ban on intimate relationships applies to those therapeutic or diagnostic measures that are invasive. So, before the prostate biopsy, you must maintain sexual rest for five days before the procedure and another week after it.
  • In the case of male genital surgery, abstinence should last at least 2-4 weeks.
  • Before doing a spermogram, 3-5 days of sexual rest will be enough.
  • Also, sexual rest is required before testing certain types of hormones.